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A Kentucky community gains national attention when bears learn how to start fires. A curious man attempts to learn more about the phenomenon while caring for his nephew and aging mother.

A depressed woman searches for a new apartment in her city. As she prepares to move, lethargy threatens to inundate her.

A boy’s idolized uncle immigrates to the United States. As the child grows into a man in late twentieth-century Nigeria, his relative’s absence takes a toll on the family. When the two men finally meet up years later, the encounter reveals unfulfilled dreams.

While on a near-future mission in Afghanistan, a soldier must scrounge up a quorum and receive enough upvotes from the American public before he can execute an important kill.

An elderly woman visits her successful grandson in New York City. Although various people allude to the scandalousness of the source of his fortune, she is unsure if she wants the truth.

When the child of a young couple goes missing, the police and the townspeople blame the child's mother and wonder if she could even be at fault for the disappearance. A series of new and old discoveries plants seeds of doubt in the father's mind such that, even after his daughter is found, he worries his daughter isn't safe around his wife.

A man reflects on his time as a newspaper boy during World War I. Overwhelmed by the horror of the headlines, he must confront harsh truths about morality during wartime.

A photojournalist and a former zombie reunite on a road trip after a zombie apocalypse to prove the woman has been cured. Facing pressure from the outside world, they both realize that a fateful photo can change everything.

After a man loses his wife in a car crash, he decides to hibernate through the winter. Soon, the rest of the town follows suit.

An industrious journalist who makes a living spreading fake news during Trump's first presidential term receives a rude ethical awakening when one of his colleagues is accused of criminal acts.