Short stories tagged with Assimilation

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Once a celebrity in his Iranian homeland, a homeless sitar player seeking to reconnect with his daughter finds refuge with a homeless Indian immigrant in a New York YMCA.

As a mother waits for a call from her child, she reflects upon how her daughter fell into the trap of marriage.

A boy’s idolized uncle immigrates to the United States. As the child grows into a man in late twentieth-century Nigeria, his relative’s absence takes a toll on the family. When the two men finally meet up years later, the encounter reveals unfulfilled dreams.

A woman in British Columbia reflects on her Japanese friend from childhood who was swept away from her during World War II-era Japanese internment.

In a school full of refugees and immigrants in early 2000s America, a teacher shares his traumas with his math class. Meanwhile, a cop tries to prevent a young Vietnamese boy from murdering a fellow student.

A girl and her human pack are sent by their werewolf parents to a school to learn to assimilate into human culture, but not all of them adopt the lifestyle.

When astronauts begin mysteriously falling to Earth, an aging couple forms a strong connection with the one who lands in their backyard.

Holly breaks up with a white boy over his casual anti-Asian racism--but when she falls for another white boy, she must decide whether or not to give him a chance.

A Chinese-American man reads messages written on live origami animals that his estranged mother folded for him before she passed away.

In the early 20th century, after the death of her parents, a young woman immigrates from Constantinople to America to live with her three older half-sisters—but their plans for her may not be what she desires.