Short stories tagged with Infertility

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Visiting Tokyo in the 1980s, a Swedish aspiring civil rights attorney from Minnesota spends her last night with a Japanese lover.

After suffering a miscarriage with her husband of three years, a hotel housekeeper takes a leap of faith and sojourns with a hotel guest to Galicia amidst separatist violence in contemporary Spain. They spend a passionate and hallucinatory day together and end up in another hotel room.

Three astronauts on the spaceship Sunbird survive collision with a solar flare only to discover that they have been transported through time, and are being contacted by a space crew of some of the last humans on Earth.

Two men, centuries apart, face the similar struggles with infertility, presenting unique challenges to their will and love for their partners.

In pre-Revolutionary Cuba, a senator attempts suicide by shooting himself in the stomach, leaving him unconscious but stable. To figure out the cause, his wife looks back on the harrowing moments that changed the trajectory of their marriage.

Battling poverty, a brilliant but undiscovered statue maker and his pregnant wife try to raise funds for a headstone engraving apprenticeship.

In modern-day Los Angeles, a young lesbian woman lives next door to an actress she's been a fan of since the actress was an underground drag queen in New York. The actress pitches an idea for a TV show to the woman, whose partner is a children's show producer.

When astronauts begin mysteriously falling to Earth, an aging couple forms a strong connection with the one who lands in their backyard.

A dam keeper in the small town of Lake Glen, North Carolina, reflects on the parallels between the drama of the families around him and the collapse of his own marriage.

While on vacation with his wife in Florida, a man is haunted by the memory of a past lover. Meanwhile, tension grows between him and his wife due to their struggle to conceive a child.