Short stories tagged with Extramarital Affairs

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A young heiress in the 1950s takes up a decades-long affair with a married architect, which seems like a safe venture until a mutual friend begins blackmailing them.

An unemployed husband learns of an affair between his wife and her boss. He writes an emotional letter to the boss that details the course of his failing marriage, and he pleads with the boss to not take his wife away from him.

A young boy in 20th-century Illinois observes a woman from afar as she escapes an abusive relationship, gets married, and finds her calling.

A German hotel owner in Hawaii experiences a jolt of excitement in his life when a young woman who loves literature and detests flights as much as he does checks in his hotel with her husband.

In 2038, a woman visits her estranged father’s retirement community to find that he has replaced her with a robot in the form of a little girl.

As a university professor acts as a sounding board for everyone else’s problems, her own stress mounts to a dangerous peak.

When a former anti-war nudist files for divorce from his hippie-turned-middle-aged conservative wife, a figurative nuclear war fires up between the two suburban parents.

A young girl is abhorred when her parents force her to spend time with the robot clone of her beloved deceased grandmother.

A lonely Irish man falls in love with a Polish woman after meeting her in a café. What could be a perfect relationship turns south when he learns that his solitude and her history aren’t quite so easy to erase.

In the mid-1900s, an upper class mother observes her two daughters playing with doves they mysteriously find on the lawn. She dwells on her relationship with her daughters, her husband, and her age as a storm brews and tragedy befalls her daughters.