Short stories tagged with Blackmail

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After being unfairly blamed for medical malpractice, a Chinese student finds success making illegal fake versions of beef.

Clea vists her grandmother's seaside estate that was stolen from her by an ex-lover.

Paranoid that his wife is having an affair, the coach of a lackluster high school football team spirals.

A young heiress in the 1950s takes up a decades-long affair with a married architect, which seems like a safe venture until a mutual friend begins blackmailing them.

All Henry wants is to serve as junior lawyer to his infamous father. But when their latest client happens to be the family of a beautiful girl, Henry finds himself risking his aspirations for her love.

A private detective in San Francisco follows a blackmailer back to his quarters one evening — but before the blackmailer can be interrogated, he is shot dead, his murderer vanishing into the night.

In an unknown town in the far future, a hacker blackmails a civilian by hijacking his virtual immersion software, putting the civilian in doubt of what's real and what's fake.

A former cop is framed by law enforcement for a crime he didn’t commit and works to unravel the reason behind this error.

In a story inspired by the incel phenmenon, Nats, a sex worker in Capetown, decides to provide the voice for growgirls, the latest line of sexdolls, made out of artificially grown organs. After she is exposed to the public as the voice actress, Nats is haunted by a violent stalker.