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Shortly after an Indian P.h.D. student is arrested for hiring a prostitute, he is released from prison and develops feelings for a P.h.D student working in the library, all while attempting to differentiate between love and desire.

A convict conspires to break his way out of prison, but he's unsure who he can trust on the inside or the outside.

A hired hand explains how he has been wrongfully accused of stealing a horse.

Compiling notes for an English essay, a sixteen-year-old girl recounts her middle-class upbringing, kleptomania, and eventual coercion into prostitution and assisting with drug use. After she suffers violence and abuse, she is eventually rescued — but the experience traumatizes her.

A seasoned criminal sets out to rob a shopping mall and ends up running from law enforcement to avoid life in prison.

As a man waits in jail for the next stage in his journey through the justice system, he lives through visions of what the justice system could be in parallel universes, only to wake up and realize he can only exist in one system.

A man plays bridge on his night off with a few distant friends. Their conversation inspires a tipsy, failed attempt to steal from a drugstore. In this 20th century jail, his excitement turns to anger and doom as he reflects on his crumbling marriage, kids, and childhood.

An Armenian immigrant mother in Los Angeles deals with her rebellious teenage son. As the weeks pass, she becomes more and more hopeless about his irresponsible actions and her own situation.

A stubborn and grumpy letter writer is detained in a palace for the crimes of his so-called brother during the Iranian Revolution.

A heartbroken man remembers his ex-lover while reading about the dramatic end to the relationship between two famous poets and listening to his favorite musician.