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In a rural Mississippi town, a well-intentioned Black woman tries to help a clueless young white mother take care of her baby, but the mother's family gets in the way.

A simulacron, who serves as a representative of an alien species, speaks with the US Secretary of Science about their wish to purchase the planet Jupiter. While the Secretary worries about stirring up conflict between the simulacron and another species, the simulacron assures him that no harm will come to Earth, and the two eventually reach an agreement.

A woman flying home to San Francisco is forced on a detour because of a catastrophic earthquake that hits Northern California. She calls an ex-boyfriend with whom she is still in love to make sure he is safe and the two weigh whether or not to continue their romance.

A convict conspires to break his way out of prison, but he's unsure who he can trust on the inside or the outside.

When a lesbian couple moves into a haunted house whose lease they can't break, they must change their way of life to adapt to their eerie surroundings.

A journalist interviews his favorite writer, only to discover that her seemingly science fiction novels are more realistic than he realized.

A librarian's apprentice copies down the contents of a strange green book which contains the trapped soul of a dead woman.

A teenage girl at a boarding school faces expulsion and punishment from her indifferent parents. She gets into an unlikely conversation with the school janitor, who tells her he used to know her mother, and surprises her with what he has to say.

A nameless person, implied to be Donald Trump, reflects on how he has everything he wants but no artistic ability. He has heard that the most famous dictators of the world were all failed artists, and compares that to his own sense of shame at his lack of artistic talent.