Short stories tagged with Earthquake

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A woman flying home to San Francisco is forced on a detour because of a catastrophic earthquake that hits Northern California. She calls an ex-boyfriend with whom she is still in love to make sure he is safe and the two weigh whether or not to continue their romance.

An immortal being living in 1906 San Fransisco is aware of the devastating earthquake about to occur but is under oath to not tell his mortal companions about it. As his fellow operatives try to save artwork and literature, the immortal being finds himself drawn to an innocent young boy.

A bartender sleeps with a regular patron whose brother has recently passed away.

An elderly wizard senses an impending earthquake and asks a former student to help him stop the damage. He also calls upon the transformative magic once taught to him by a cherished female mentor in order to stabilize the ground, becoming irreversibly one with the earth in the process.