Short stories tagged with Worry

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An anxious young woman wondering why her love interest isn't calling her and agonizes over what would happen if she called him.

A gifted American novelist who always rejects the world around her is forced to rethink her perspective when her husband falls sick — the thought of losing him forces her to turn her criticism inward.

In a poor, rural town, a mother worries about her adult son ever since he moved in with a girl whose family has a no-good reputation.

After a local child goes missing, a mother watches her own child with caution and examines her relationship with the mother of the missing child.

A ghost catcher is worried she'll be kicked out of the family business and, because of this, feels that she has one last chance to have a smooth and successful job.

In the South, a volunteer fireman and his second wife cling to the intoxicating dangers of his work to stave off an unsatisfying family life.

After their only child dies during his gap year abroad, a woman reflects on her relationship with her husband and comes to understand that they deal with fear and grief in different ways.

A man tells the story of an insane man who killed someone to give a deceased girl a guardian angel.

A middle-aged Californian woman questions the happiness of her life and decades-long marriage as she travels to the vineyard she owns with her husband.

A teenage girl at a boarding school faces expulsion and punishment from her indifferent parents. She gets into an unlikely conversation with the school janitor, who tells her he used to know her mother, and surprises her with what he has to say.