Short stories tagged with Trickery

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A girl with a big imagination tries to use magic to heal her little brother, but the consequences are far worse than she could have dreamed.

An old sailor is tricked by his friend’s brother into sailing with his old crew into a bad storm. When he returns to the port, he plans his revenge but has a surprising change of heart in light of a friend's good news.

A simulacron, who serves as a representative of an alien species, speaks with the US Secretary of Science about their wish to purchase the planet Jupiter. While the Secretary worries about stirring up conflict between the simulacron and another species, the simulacron assures him that no harm will come to Earth, and the two eventually reach an agreement.

The laborers at a gas plant use all means to evade company rules and withdraw their money as they please.

Five days after moving to the quiet town of Manacle, Arizona, a married couple learns of the curse on the town: if you do anyone a favor, they will turn against you.