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On their honeymoon in present-day Rome, two newlyweds encounter a rift when the wife’s demands that their in-vitro child be Jewish doesn’t sit well with her atheist husband.

When two seventh graders refuse to let another boy into their game of catch, the spurned boy uses his magic powers to get what he wants.

At a North American winter resort, an arthritic old man challenges a pair of young men to a series of physical challenges to prove that, despite his age and illness, he is still strong.

A girl with a big imagination tries to use magic to heal her little brother, but the consequences are far worse than she could have dreamed.

When a psychoanalyst's family forces him to give up his poker addiction, he uses the misery of one of his patients, a poker champion, to keep his need to gamble at bay.

During a Boy Scout camping trip, a father and son find some bonding time. The father particularly finds solace in the intimacy he feels towards his son during the increased interaction.

In a New York City where people can access personal information about one another instantly via a special technology, an artist-turned-substitute teacher finds himself in a romantic relationship with a woman who wants to communicate in the traditional sense.

An independent elderly woman becomes involved with a much younger man and reflects on life, love, and relationships.

A young boy stumbles across his grandma's bingo hall and accidentally catches the attention of the cult-like group.

To introduce his new classmate, Augie Sheean, to the kids in town, a boy spends most of his time with the Sheeans and learns about forgiveness and friendship.