Short stories tagged with Heist

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In a dystopian future, an assistant to a movie star, who is also an immortal slave, must take pills that reveal her true monstrous form in order to help the movie star fight her battle with cancer.

In an apocalyptic future, a team of undead time travel back to a doomed flight to rescue the passengers on board in a routine but elaborate mission. Getting the passengers through a portal is not easy without disrupting the fabric of space-time, but the passengers, healthy and alive, are the only hope to populate a desperate future world.

A seasoned criminal sets out to rob a shopping mall and ends up running from law enforcement to avoid life in prison.

When a young man in Oklahoma on a cattle genetics job is threatened by a conman with a gun, he gets wrapped up into an exciting drug scheme that suddenly makes his life before seem incredibly dull.

After pulling off an art heist, an experienced Boston criminal navigates trust and betrayal when it comes time to sell the stolen goods.

When a down-on-his-luck diver is hired to help the Houston Police Department with an underwater investigation, he discovers a bag of cash that could change his life... for better or for worse.

In futuristic London, a con artist and a genetically engineered dog attempt to steal diamonds from the queen's heavily guarded labyrinth.

A woman tries to protect her emerald-baby from would-be thieves.

Two girls on the run use their wits and charm to steal from wealthy patrons. On their way to yet another party, they make a wrong turn and end up in the company of ghosts who are unaware they were previously killed by a building collapse.

In a dystopian world governed by technology and surveillance, a hacker recently released from prison is drawn back into the underworld of data excavation by a potentially dangerous governmental figure.