Short stories tagged with Patriarchy

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A woman leaves her daughter behind to start a new life with her husband and sons. She begins to hang around her sister-in-law's store, but a customer's request tests their friendship.

With a local man on trial for the murder of his family and a history of tragedy in the town, a group of neighborhood kids contemplate death.

A Canadian schoolteacher sets up shop on a tiny, near-barren island off the coast of Labrador. Before long, what begins as a peaceful new life full of love and community becomes a cold, icy prison.

Through a series of letters in her notebook, an adolescent girl documents her bizarre and often uncomfortable experience at "wife camp," and explores patriarchal gender norms and marital expectations.

In seventeenth-century Delft, a fanatically curious fabric merchant invents the microscope. Even as he neglects and abuses his family, he discovers a new world of life.

As a mother waits for a call from her child, she reflects upon how her daughter fell into the trap of marriage.

Susan's slow poisoning of her abusive husband starts to feel more immoral to her brother as he befriends the broken man. When is the murder of an abusive husband not okay? As Susan slowing poisons Frank to death, her brother comes to understand how the broken man came to be. Susan's slow poisoning of her abusive husband starts to feel more immoral to her brother as he learns about the man's tragic character.

A working-class mother has held only one hope for her entire life: that one day, her daughter would marry well and wealthy, and take care of her in her old age. When her daughter reveals that the man she loves is not wealthy, her mother's dreams of rest are dashed and divided.

In an alternate universe of white suburban America, one nine-year-old girl's childhood is cut short when her parents find her a marital match: a socially-awkward businessman with a ridiculous mustache. Although she surrenders to her mother's housewife training, when the day of the wedding arrives, she tries to escape, endangering her and others in the process.

A Palestinian woman searches for a way to break a cycle of patriarchal expectations and her own sense of malaise to find her own path in life.