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A cheating husband who was dragged to marriage counseling sleeps with the flirty counselor. It backfires when it turns out she is not a marriage counselor at all, but a dangerous woman with a gun.

In a school full of refugees and immigrants in early 2000s America, a teacher shares his traumas with his math class. Meanwhile, a cop tries to prevent a young Vietnamese boy from murdering a fellow student.

When a human couple loses their half-human, half-centaur child, the father must put aside his pain and mother her fear in order to bring the child back to safety.

On his morning hike, a fifty-five-year-old man in Indiana encounters a severely injured college-aged woman by her boyfriend. As the police investigation unfurls, the boyfriend tries to use his wealth to shield him from justice.

A money-loving-seven-year-old travels to his grandpa's house with his family, only to unknowingly become involved in the crooked business of his uncle.

A trio of two Europeans and one American, embark on a casual trip to the Italian countryside that becomes engrossed in contemplating what it means to be American.

Following the aftermath of World War II, a Japanese soldier shows up at the house of one of his former battalion mate, a mother must grapple with whether to hold onto her son’s memory or let him go.

Four individuals get-together one night at their wealthy friend's home only to become submerged in the intersectionalities of their romantic pasts.