Short stories tagged with Horror

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After a trial injection of an experimental drug into a group of monkeys, an observer watches the various participants’ unusual and often deadly responses.

A famous poet wakes up in the afterlife but wishes to be alive, and death offers her a deal. If she kills a boy, she can live for 25 more years.

Dermot, a being with an insatiable hunger but a controlled demeanor, works with police to find and kill predators, like himself, who are ravaging the city.

A musician and his friend search for the missing final verse of a popular song, but in doing so encounter the sinister ghost family behind the origin of the tale.

An aging woman obsessed with mysterious accidents finally meets the monster she’s been searching for ever since her father’s disappearance years before.

A country girl goes to the city to find work. However, the work is not what she expected.

After his girlfriend begins going to a hypnotist, a man visits him too and finds himself plagued by horrific visions of death that start to blur with reality.

An anonymous, disturbed man travels aimlessly across the desert, murdering families within their own homes in a slew of small-town and highway killings.

A female employee works for a strange, controlling boss. During the course of a meeting at a hotel, the boss subjects her employees to her nefarious whims.

In the rural south, a sharecropper is terrorized by spirits after she and her family move into an abandoned plantation once inhabited by wealthy, classist elites.