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A musician and his friend search for the missing final verse of a popular song, but in doing so encounter the sinister ghost family behind the origin of the tale.

A man goes on a wild hunting trip in which he finds and shoots a white deer and interacts with a cougar, making different friends along the way.

A teenage boy tries to navigate his personal relationships while he attempts to understand his many experiences of domestic and interpersonal violence. He struggles to find connection with anyone other than his eccentric, ailing grandfather.

The 15-year-old daughter of immigrants works as a keeper for a rural cottage with her parents. She observes the family who takes over the cottage for a week.

A thief and con artist from the city attempts to trick a farmer's wife out of her money.

In 1968, a family attends their country town's ice cream supper and stand by as chaos ensues with the arrival of the town's drunken outcast.

A young married woman asks about her older husband's past relationship with a nurse during the war.

A man must plan an escape when he finds himself stuck at a train station ends up trapped in a cult-like existence with no way out.

Set just after the Great Depression, a young girl recounts the time she accompanied her mother to a dance. A prostitute and one of her girls show up, and the girl's mother urges the girl to get her things so they can leave.