Short stories published in 1945

Listing 34 stories.

On her walk home, a white Southern girl is asked by a Black convict for a small, simple favor. After she refuses to comply out of fear, she is haunted by guilt.

A woman dealing with conflicting emotions resorts to deliberately putting herself in danger to learn to value the life she's been given - but these unorthodox methods leave her more desperate than ever.

A seven-year-old plantation heir overhears his mother and her friend discuss the allure of black women. He then discovers a dark secret about his family tree, which leads him to a breaking point.

An encounter with a grieving ex-soldier forces a Women's Army Corps member to realize the army may have robbed her of her ability to see death as anything but a necessary sacrifice.

A wounded soldier takes refuge in a cathedral and ponders his disillusionment with religion, which slowly wanes as he dies.

During WWII, an American paratrooper deployed in England misses his wife, but finds himself feeling closer to her after enjoying the company of another woman.

Sitting at a bar, a man reminisces about his past experiences with love and develops a philosophy for 'beautiful' relationships that relies on the inevitability of their ends.

Two military men with a history of conflict play a game of dice and one loses all of his money. The defeated man then attempts to steal the money back.

In 1920s Boston, two lower-class boys, one Jewish and one Catholic, work together at a corner store. Despite their religious differences and difficult upbringings, they form an unbreakable bond.

The racism a Black, working-class couple faces at work during the Harlem Renaissance spills over into their relationship in violent ways.