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A mother sends her young daughters to buy sugar, but to her great disdain, they end up playing with it.

A seven-year-old plantation heir overhears his mother and her friend discuss the allure of black women. He then discovers a dark secret about his family tree, which leads him to a breaking point.

A boy and his father live on the open road for a year, after which is father forces him to make a choice - settle down or keep wandering.

Four generations of one family gather for a picture and tensions rise between distant relatives.

A publisher who once gave his job to a young man he believed to be starving confronts the now-pretentious writer who never thanked him for it.

In post-Cultural Revolution China, a Marxist philosophy professor must decide whether he should confess to a crime he did not commit.

An unhappy woman lives in the slums of New York only to watch her life transform as her children become wildly successful, catapulting her into an unrecognizable world of extravagance.

The daughter of a rich family must stop her parents from discriminating against their poor neighbors.