Short stories tagged with Complex Family Dynamics

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A Jewish doctor in New York loves his wife but is also a raging drunk. In response to his sustained outbursts, his wife grows distant from him. She accuses his five brothers for enabling his self-destructive behavior, leading to a reckoning about intergenerational trauma and familial pain.

Four generations of one family gather for a picture and tensions rise between distant relatives.

A peasant woman's life of hardship after a marriage without a dowry portion means she'll do anything to ensure her cruel, miserly husband produces a portion for their beautiful daughter.

Two reluctant passengers on a Caribbean cruise clash with the experienced Tour Director, and their conflict indirectly leads to the entire trip becoming a resounding failure.

A lonely girl forms a friendship with a woman rejected by society; they spend an afternoon together, after which the girl is able to better understand the casual cruelty of the people around her.

A 23-year-old man falls deeply in love with bull riding even as the sport destroys his body.

In a futuristic Kenya, a couple desperate for a son receives the customary 'installation' from the government, but the boy they receive is not what they expected.

Forced to move to a new house, a family struggles to make the best of their situation, but then an accusation of theft turns father against son. In the aftermath, the father hopes it is not too late to salvage his relationship with the son.