Short stories tagged with Failed Marriage

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Dan and Nancy spend the summer in a remote town Northern California to rekindle their marriage after they discover each other's infidelity, but below the surface, they both know their efforts are in vain.

A former dog-sled racer becomes the prey of a cult called 'The Hunt.' He flees to his friend's cabin across the country, where he contemplates how his past choices brought him face-to-face with demonic beings.

After her possessions begin to disappear from her apartment, a woman suspects that her adoring new husband is not who she thought he was.

Version 1. A woman periodically travels back in time, only returning to her present timeline when she dies. In a present-day trip to a museum, she finds her histories rewritten through the male lens. Version 2. A woman time-traveler who periodically and involuntarily lives a whole other life in the past struggles to adapt to the present. Along with an eroding friendship and marriage, she becomes fixated with the erasure of women—and veracity—in our telling of history.

A bipolar screenwriter in a New York City psych ward falls in love with a depressed Yugoslavian ballerina.

A physicist single father reflects on his love for his daughter which he struggles to express. When an astronomical tragedy strikes their Texas suburb, the father rushes home, eager to spend the world's last few minutes with his daughter.

After the Second World War, a painter trying to live a quiet life in New York is deeply unsettled by the teenage boys loitering on the street. As events unfold, she is forced to admit that she may have misjudged them.

In a futuristic Kenya, a couple desperate for a son receives the customary 'installation' from the government, but the boy they receive is not what they expected.