Short stories by Karen Brown

Karen Brown was born in Connecticut. She is the author of a novel , The Longings of Wayward Girls (July 2013), and two short story collections, Pins & Needles (July 2013) and Little Sinners and Other Stories, winner of the Prairie Schooner Book Prize, and named a Best Book of 2012 by Publishers Weekly. Her work has been featured in The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, Best American Short StoriesThe New York Times, and Good Housekeeping, and in many literary journals. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of South Florida.

Listing 5 stories.

After her possessions begin to disappear from her apartment, a woman suspects that her adoring new husband is not who she thought he was.

The same year sisters Bess and Maureen enter their neighborhood school after the passing of their mother and tutor, their next door neighbor also returns—having been sent away to jail for decades for serial rape.

A teenage girl is ensnared in a romantic relationship with her teacher at the same time her aunt's rapist, newly released, moves back into his house next to hers. When two teenage sisters discover a purse near the house of a recently released rapist, they begin to investigate their family's dark history of sexual assault, and a kindly English teacher turns out to more than he appears.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious teenage girl, a lonely woman gets pulled into the girl's sinister family drama.

To face the unendurable boredom of her monotonous bookbinding job, a teenage girl sows sexual tension between her fellow teenage coworkers. However, that endeavor can only entertain her for so long, as her grim small town and secret pregnancy threaten to overwhelm her.