Short stories tagged with Friends

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A middle aged man seeking a diagnosis for multiple sclerosis sees a friend's daughter getting a secret abortion at the hospital he is visiting.

A woman notices a decrepit house moving closer to hers and decides to investigate it with her friends.

A poet attempts to sleep comfortably at a friend’s house without disturbing his hosts.

Two military men with a history of conflict play a game of dice and one loses all of his money. The defeated man then attempts to steal the money back.

A young girl feels under-appreciated and left out during a family trip to Italy when her older sister and their college-age babysitter engage in a romantic affair.

An old woman reminisces about her twenties in NYC and her relationship with the family down the hall after she meets the younger daughter on a plane one day.

When a graduate student makes his way to Colorado with his recently unemployed girlfriend to visit his married friends, an alarming development in his friends’ marriage causes him to reevaluate his own relationship and, in the process, make a grave mistake.

A teenage boy follows in the footsteps of his favorite teacher and leaves his small, rural community to attend a faraway college. However, a chance encounter with an old man makes him remember the value of nostalgia and one's birthplace.

Three people all sit down to talk after a night of drinking, but the agenda of one dinner guest changes the night.