Short stories tagged with Escape

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A teacher at an all girls school thinks about her abusive partner while she is living away from him. She is thrown a birthday celebration at the school and becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

A man's jealous wife kidnaps any woman she thinks he shows any interest in to torture and murder in their basement. Deciding to finally put an end to this and escape the absusive relationship, the man poisons his wife and frees her most recent victim.

As flames from a forest fire creep closer to her home and her daughter burns from fever, an Indian American mother has ten minutes to decide what to keep and what to leave behind.

A mother runs away with her two daughters after killing her husband and camps at a beach that plagues her with nightmares. When she wakes she must get her daughters out quickly after they find two dead bodies.

A local punk band enters an abandoned house to film a music video there. The bassist of the group senses an evil presence in the house and begins planning her escape while her bandmates continue searching deeper in the house.

On an intergalactic spaceship, two runaway servants turned mercenaries agree to a dangerous mission that will take them back to the planet from which they escaped—in return for a shot at a clean record and a peaceful life.

A doctor plans an insurrection against the aliens that kidnapped his crew. After being taken prisoner on an alien planet, a doctor and his remaining crew devise an intricate means to escape.

A Black foster teenager looks for escape from his life through books he borrows at a library. A witch-librarian guides his selections along the way, and ultimately gives him an off-limits book to help him literally escape the world.

The most famous man in the world decides to escape from the constant attention and pressure of his daily life.

A dog’s owners give her the ability to talk and realize she’s Black.