Short stories tagged with Rescue

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In New Orleans, two sisters survive Hurricane Katrina, but one is left unalterably damaged by the storm.

Three boys struggle to save their companion on a cave wall climbing trip.

An ordinary man gets an inch and a half of mention in the newspaper after stumbling into a low stakes rescue — and the small bit of fame sends him spiraling down a dark, egotistical path.

After crash landing on the moon, a young astronaut must continuously walk towards the setting sun in order to power the solar panels that will keep her alive.

A dog’s owners give her the ability to talk and realize she’s Black.

A human undergoes a procedure to transplant her consciousness into a spaceship, though her actions are held under strict protocol. After she befriends a vulnerable child stowaway onboard, she decides to take back control of the ship.

A young girl marries a wealthy Comte and moves with him to his castle where she befriends his son and becomes bewitched by the mystery of the castle's tower, the donjon. While the Comte is off serving the King, the girl finds herself breaking the one rule surrounding the tower and facing its consequences in an attempt to save her friend.

A paralyzed elderly woman gets a new aid at the nursing home, a kind young woman who helps her when she must save herself and the other patients from a mysterious killer.

On a flight back to LA from the Philippines, a young Californian woman befriends a fellow passenger. When something goes gravely wrong, she learns that her new friend is not what she expected.

After Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, an alcoholic leaves her apartment to loot—but when she's gravely injured by sharp debris, she has to rely on the kindness of others to reach safety in a dog-eat-dog world.