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A millennial in an unnamed American city recruits his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's Home Depot coworker on a mission to circle around the moon.

After crash landing on the moon, a young astronaut must continuously walk towards the setting sun in order to power the solar panels that will keep her alive.

A cloned teenage girl living on the moon must come to terms with her predetermined job, husband, and future.

Following the death of his genius wife, a poet discovers there is more to the moon than meets the eye.

On a lunar outpost, a group of coworkers pass the time by making historical movies and debating whether history is the product of individual efforts or of the nebulous interactions of everyday people. The stakes of the debate become all too real, however, when a breach of the base requires one of the friends to prove his heroic mettle.

An enslaved lunar miner journeys with his friends from the center of the moon to its surface, seeking the destruction of the oppressive city above and a glimpse of the void beyond the mines.