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The asteroid work crews don't have much to do but tell tall tales to each other. One man tells a particularly riveting account of an expedition where he met a strange parasitic species that inhabits human bodies and barely escaped unscathed—or did he?

After crash landing on the moon, a young astronaut must continuously walk towards the setting sun in order to power the solar panels that will keep her alive.

In the distant future, a female steward aboard a ship traveling through space attempts to save the lives of the crew members who ostracized her.

An explorer tells the tale of his time on another planet before making a strange request.

A young woman leading a colony settling on a new moon realizes that she must make an immense sacrifice to ensure her people's survival in an environment teeming with foreign microorganisms.

An English professor in Georgia becomes obsessed with dogs after a Great Dane wanders into his classroom. Fueled by insomnia and an aneurysm, he embarks on journeys into the past and future in his own life and the lives of various dogs he has known.

Prison inmates are told that they're being sent to scope out a new Earth for mankind to move to, but when they "come back" they find out they have just been play-testing a new virtual reality video game. Prison inmates are used to test a new video game which would have them inhabit a virtually real new planet, but they believe they are truly being sent to another solar system. When they realize that they've just been playing a game, there are long-term psychological impacts.

A cloned teenage girl living on the moon must come to terms with her predetermined job, husband, and future.

A girl with cybernetic advancements, having run away from her overbearing mother by selling herself into corporate slavery on the outer fringes of Jupiter, devises a plan to ensure that her mother cannot use religious laws to bring her home.

In a futuristic world, the space race between China and South Africa leads to the discovery of the Spirit World, leading to the deaths of hundreds by spontaneous combustion.