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The asteroid work crews don't have much to do but tell tall tales to each other. One man tells a particularly riveting account of an expedition where he met a strange parasitic species that inhabits human bodies and barely escaped unscathed—or did he?

As an asteroid approaches to decimate Earth, a young female horticulturist remains behind to help catalogue plant species before impact. But after reflecting on her grief and connecting with another scientist, the young woman decides to remain on earth when the asteroid hits.

A Boy Scout and his loyal dog emigrate to a human colony on Venus.

An individual from a dystopian space colony travels back to Earth on a special mission, assuming it has been ravaged by climate change since his leaders abandoned it. When he discovers Earth's humanity actually benefitted from their departure, he must decide where his allegiances lie.

A thirty-year-old woman is given the chance to travel back in time and change the fate of a bullied nine-year-old girl —possibly the nine year old version of herself.

In the near future, two men—a quiet, rule-following biologist and a swashbuckling engineer—are tasked with a decades-long mission to colonize a planet outside the Solar System. But in the spaceship’s close quarters, tensions bubble up until one man decides he is going to kill the other.

Urban legends about a popular folk hero get passed on through the years as human beings colonize outer space.