Short stories tagged with Second Person Narration

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In contemporary Haiti, a 17-year-old girl with aspirations to attend university in the U.S. is entangled in a multi-national kidnapping plot that changes her family forever.

An individual from a dystopian space colony travels back to Earth on a special mission, assuming it has been ravaged by climate change since his leaders abandoned it. When he discovers Earth's humanity actually benefitted from their departure, he must decide where his allegiances lie.

A self-hating self-help celebrity prepares to levy a shocking accusation against her ex-boyfriend.

When she gets a call on her birthday from her estranged brother, a Cuban-American woman must confront the day her family fell apart.

A mixed-race young man who passes as white hacks into his county's judiciary system to give a Black boy a fairer trial. Along the way, Russian hackers try to frame him for unspeakable crimes and destabilize America by inciting conflict about the boy's trial.

In a dark rendition of Red Riding Hood, a woman bored by village life longs for the dark mystery of the woods and the wolves therein.

In a missive to his ex-girlfriend, a wistful man remembers the impact of one horrifying night on their sex life and relationship.

In New Jersey, a punk-obsessed Dominican teenager deals with a tumultuous relationship with her mother, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. At a breaking point, she runs away from home.

In the mid-20th century, a young white boy comes to understand the complexities of interracial relationships as he witnesses the mix of hostility and affection that members of his mother's side of the family feel towards one of her Black friends from high school.