Short stories tagged with Wolves

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A woman is employed by wealthy individuals to eat the sins of their recently deceased relatives.

In a world brimming with magical realism, a young girl in Communist China confronts a malicious member of the Red Guard when he threatens her ailing grandmother.

In a dark rendition of Red Riding Hood, a woman bored by village life longs for the dark mystery of the woods and the wolves therein.

A woman, her brother, and her brother's partner enter into the Siberian tundra in order to find fossils, but are met with an unseen presence in the forest.

A young boy sits on the shore of one of Earth’s remaining beaches, his last moment at the planet’s natural sites before mankind must evacuate the planet it destroyed.

As an elderly woman grows increasingly distant from her husband, she finds solace in nighttime walks through the woods with a wolf born from her imagination—that becomes quite real.