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A daughter of divorced parents commutes between her parents' houses, passing the rest stop where her older sister was killed by an extremist cult. As she learns more about the cult, she decides to visit the site of the crime hoping for answers.

A young couple in their 20s set off on a spontaneous trip to the American West that leads them to Joshua Tree, where the girl is possessed by the spirit of a tree, forcing the couple to renegotiate their impulsive relationship.

A young Armenian boy in California is confronted with the fact that the world is changing and he is growing up when he and his brother break the wheel of their bicycle because they have gotten too big for it.

On a cold winters morning, post World War I, an older couple works on updating their family memory book with the intention of passing it on to the younger generation.

A woman, her brother, and her brother's partner enter into the Siberian tundra in order to find fossils, but are met with an unseen presence in the forest.

Heeding the wisdom of her grandmother, a girl finds solace in the ancient compassion of the trees.