Short stories tagged with Thrilling Plot

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In a New York City of the near future, a middle-aged suit finds his life upturned when online terrorists accuse him of humanitarian crimes in front of everyone he knows.

In a hospital that is divorced from a concrete time or place, a head trauma patient struggles to recover his memory after being accused of a violent string of murders.

In a world brimming with magical realism, a young girl in Communist China confronts a malicious member of the Red Guard when he threatens her ailing grandmother.

A reclusive, self-sufficient grandmother discovers that her unnaturally delicious tomatoes are being stolen by the "cold-king," who has imprisoned a group of half-animal humans. She must use her magic shapeshifting powers to save the cursed creatures.

In a contemporary American town, a middle aged woman takes a magical trip through the past upon hearing that her mysterious childhood friend has recently died.