Short stories by Fredric Brown


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The asteroid work crews don't have much to do but tell tall tales to each other. One man tells a particularly riveting account of an expedition where he met a strange parasitic species that inhabits human bodies and barely escaped unscathed—or did he?

An intergalactic space war leads to a gladiator-like fight between a human and a spherical alien. They fight to the death, and whoever wins prevents the annihilation of their race.

After being brought to life by a strange formula, an old man's Linotype machine wrecks havoc on his small print shop in early-20th-century New York.

Two American astronomers work to understand why fixed stars are moving at impossible rates, only to find that a corrupt and wealthy inventor is behind the entire phenomenon.

When electricity-eating beings invade and overtake the earth in 1977, all humans are stripped of anything electrical-powered and forced to adapt.