Short stories tagged with High Stakes

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A young girl marries a wealthy Comte and moves with him to his castle where she befriends his son and becomes bewitched by the mystery of the castle's tower, the donjon. While the Comte is off serving the King, the girl finds herself breaking the one rule surrounding the tower and facing its consequences in an attempt to save her friend.

A young woman must repair the record-keeping AI robot she is tasked with the care of. As she sets about trying to fix the robot, she stumbles upon family secrets, leading to a series of difficult decisions.

In this fantasy story inspired by African mythology, a young acolyte who is frustrated that the gods have never spoken to her learns of a divine secret that shatters both her view of the world and her perception of her own purpose.

A woman and her friends attempt to steal money from a Dominican stash house in New York. Their plans go horribly wrong: the woman's friends die and she barely gets away with the money and her life.

Two American astronomers work to understand why fixed stars are moving at impossible rates, only to find that a corrupt and wealthy inventor is behind the entire phenomenon.

After a husband and wife team up to use quantum physics to cheat a casino out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, they make a shady deal with the casino's owner to avoid jail time.

A mixed-race young man who passes as white hacks into his county's judiciary system to give a Black boy a fairer trial. Along the way, Russian hackers try to frame him for unspeakable crimes and destabilize America by inciting conflict about the boy's trial.

Twin hackers work to crack the security of a notoriously impenetrable European bank in this story inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher."

In the South, a volunteer fireman and his second wife cling to the intoxicating dangers of his work to stave off an unsatisfying family life.

A teenage girl works to outsmart a serial killer whose obsession with punishment and justice leads him to kill girls in the name of banishing their sin. The story is inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe story "The Pit and the Pendulum."