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While investigating the mysterious suicide of a djinn, a young female special investigator with the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities ends up in an intense battle to stop a plan to destroy humanity.

A human undergoes a procedure to transplant her consciousness into a spaceship, though her actions are held under strict protocol. After she befriends a vulnerable child stowaway onboard, she decides to take back control of the ship.

A young, beast-like creature who works as an apprentice to a god carver is tasked with carving a new god. However, the god he carves clashes with his society's values; as a result, his people take his memories from him and banish him to the wild to start anew.

In a futuristic, war-torn Asian city, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox's quest to permanently take on human form is interrupted when he's captured by a renegade soldier.

In this fantasy story inspired by African mythology, a young acolyte who is frustrated that the gods have never spoken to her learns of a divine secret that shatters both her view of the world and her perception of her own purpose.

After his wife's tragic death, a man is visited by several small gods— including that of grief, joy, and heavy hearts — who help him go back to life as normal after his loss.

In an apocalyptic world where a beast-god threatens the survival of the six remaining human colonies, a teenage girl tasked with destroying the beast-god revolts against her commanders.

In a world of gods and demons, two young girls leave their village in search of better fortunes and adventure.

A woman tries to find a way for her son to survive in deep space after the apocalypse while being hunted by a beast.

An indigenous man in a South American rural town must kill a jaguar to pay off a debt, but he discovers that there is more to the beast than meets the eye.