Short stories tagged with Adulthood

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A young woman returns to live with her parents for the third time in her adult life and reflects on her relationships with men.

A woman waiting tables on her twentieth birthday has a strange interaction with the owner of the restaurant who says that he may grant her one wish.

A Filipino-American man is contacted by an old neighbor, who warns him that a ghost of their childhood may be coming for him.

In a world of gods and demons, two young girls leave their village in search of better fortunes and adventure.

A member of a card-playing club must confront her bridge partner after the woman constantly whispers that she will kill her.

A pilot that crashes in the middle of the Sahara Desert comes across a young boy who tells him he is a prince from a distant planet who has explored the cosmos, discovering that what is essential to life is invisible to the eye.

A disillusioned candy store owner feels burnt out with his current life and begins to project his past mistakes on the actions of a young thieving customer.

A Jamaican man from New York narrates his life story in the way he knows best--verbally, chronological, and somewhat speculatively.

On a Halloween night, three friends play a drinking game while giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. When a mysterious child dressed as a rotting mummy keeps returning to their house, one friend believes he is connected to her past and is now haunting her.