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A merchant in Austria tells stories to customers about the former Emperor during the Great War and their unlikely friendship — one that he feels impacted the trajectory of the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Two boys spend a day at their unbearably mundane small town's fair. When the boys suddenly decide to leave the town for good, several obstacles, including supernatural occurrences, get in their way.

A member of a card-playing club must confront her bridge partner after the woman constantly whispers that she will kill her.

After an injury that temporarily prohibits a divorced rancher from working, he frequently visits his imprisoned son, leaving his new ranchhand to develop a curious relationship with his elderly mom.

A grandfather watches as his grandchildren, who inherited his monster powers, succumb to their ingrained animalistic and murderous desires.

On a Halloween night, three friends play a drinking game while giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. When a mysterious child dressed as a rotting mummy keeps returning to their house, one friend believes he is connected to her past and is now haunting her.

A father attempts to bond with his thirteen-year-old son, who recently came out to him, on a Florida spa trip. When the boy is heckled at a restaurant, the father struggles against succumbing to violent urges.