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A team of three space hunters attempt to kill a theriida—a space whale with invaluable organs and skin that can provide riches and protect humans against interstellar radiation—but in their zeal, they face the risk of turning into theriidas themselves.

On an intergalactic spaceship, two runaway servants turned mercenaries agree to a dangerous mission that will take them back to the planet from which they escaped—in return for a shot at a clean record and a peaceful life.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

A woman flees to St. Martin after encountering a monster at an ice hotel in Finland.

A young woman discovers a nest of massive eggs, and she soon encounters the mother.

A young boy comes of age in front of a television screen playing monster movies in 1970s America.

A pregnant woman and her husband try to escape slavery by hiding in her uncle’s pitch black, spooky mine.

A man’s game with his son turns into something more sinister when he finds out that his son is seeing things that he isn’t.

A woman who is able to read people's minds feeds on people's ugly thoughts and craves the taste of horrible, despicable people. After meeting others who also feed on thoughts, the woman tries unsuccessfully to protect a woman she has fallen in love with from becoming a victim.

Five children go missing in a supernatural town where monsters wear disguises and a Super Teen Detective Squad solves local crimes. A bus driver learns about their fate by talking to the children' ghosts and must help the detectives without implicating himself.