Short stories tagged with Rejection

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A 39-year-old war veteran returns to live with his mother after his wife kicks him out for domestic abuse. Suffering from what his mother believes is PTSD, the man becomes increasingly anxious and bitter. When the cops come looking for him for one of an assorted range of former crimes, a string of events ends with him shooting at the house of his grocery-store crush and running into the woods.

A young boy comes of age in front of a television screen playing monster movies in 1970s America.

Fi's desperate hope to have sex before the end of her Birthright trip goes embarrassingly unfulfilled.

A Chinese American teenager invites her friend out to a birthday celebration and finally gains the courage to confess her romantic feelings for him.

A new police officer develops a close but confusing relationship with an old and troublesome local, fading into obsolescence when the man passes away.

A housewife violently assaults an unsuspecting intruder with mental images of torture.

After a man sees his ex-wife with another man on the street, he follows her home and his rage overtakes him, making him do something he regrets.