Short stories tagged with Embarrassment

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An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

In a near-future American city, a black teenage girl visits a memory alteration agency with her friends on a night out. She chooses to delete an embarrassing memory from a first encounter with a girl she likes, in hopes of giving their relationship a fresh start.

Fi's desperate hope to have sex before the end of her Birthright trip goes embarrassingly unfulfilled.

During an overnight field trip to a museum, an elementary-aged girl who claims to be good with boys despite her mediocre looks tries to spend some time alone with her crush, but her crush's helicopter mother keeps interfering.

A young boy suffering from OCD-like symptoms grapples with self-hatred, bullying, and sexual abuse and frequently flaps his hands and constricts his throat to escape reality. His compulsions and coping mechanisms follow him through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

A young girl helps her father search for her little sister who was kidnapped by her mother.

A young boy living in America recalls his childhood in Jamaica living with his grandmother and reflects on the importance of his childhood friendships and familial relationships.

A young soldier suffering from flatulence provides comic relief as a means of coping with the traumas of war while recounting his most recent battle against the Zulus.

The day before the high school folk dance festival, a teenage dancer worries that her parents will embarrass her in front of her popular friend.

An extremely attractive man is fascinated by a woman he describes as 'unattractive.' He is certain that he will be the one to end their relationship - but as time passes, he learns that breaking a heart is also a kind of heartbreak.