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A movie star lost in grief over the death of his long-term girlfriend injects himself with her digitally-preserved personality so he can hallucinate her presence, but the visions begin to go horribly wrong.

When a pop star whose music has a supernatural effect on her fans turns up dead, a documentary filmmaker interviews those who knew her to try to understand her downfall. Though she was an addict and accused of witchcraft by religious zealots, the singer’s ultimate undoing comes in the form of a forbidden romance.

An ordinary man gets an inch and a half of mention in the newspaper after stumbling into a low stakes rescue — and the small bit of fame sends him spiraling down a dark, egotistical path.

In a futuristic world where hardly a trace of natural life exists untouched by human interference, a Citizen makes an unprecedented choice that brings a slew of notoriety and ethical questions.

The most famous man in the world decides to escape from the constant attention and pressure of his daily life.

An African American man in his early-20s becomes renowned for his blues performances on the streets around the United States, playing for jail inmates, young couples, and passerbys alike.

An experienced sound girl takes a chance on an up-and-coming boy band and falls in love with the handsome, womanizing lead singer in the process.

Two people die of drug overdose and flu and never meet each other, never get married, and never live their seedy, disappointing lives.

Days after announcing an invention that will change the fabric of his futuristic world, an inventor goes missing and two detectives must find out where he is and what his supposedly groundbreaking invention was.

A depressed barista meets a famous actor at a party. They go back to her place, where he asks personal questions she's not willing to answer.