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A Japanese businessman reflects on his experience with Chinese people and longs to visit China.

When a young adult Tokyoite takes his younger cousin to a medical examination in his hometown, he recalls a hospital trip with his now-deceased childhood friend.

An experienced sound girl takes a chance on an up-and-coming boy band and falls in love with the handsome, womanizing lead singer in the process.

After a young woman's ninety-nine-year-old neighbor peacefully dies, the old woman's family asks her to sort through her belongings for them. To her surprise, the young woman finds treasures the short-sighted family overlooked and her luck turns for the better.

A bus filled with passengers from different walks of life begins its long journey. Everyone has different problems assailing their otherwise ordinary lives, but as the bus rolls along, these issues begin to be resolved for each through the unwitting actions of the others.

A crotchety old woman gets off at the wrong bus stop and, to her dismay, is stuck in a town she's never heard of with strangers whose behavior is bizarre and disconcerting.

While he travels through Mexico, a Syrian man meets a young girl whose father has sold her into prostitution. On the bus ride to a village, the man tells the young girl stories of Jesus.

While spending a summer in the outskirts of the Dominican Republic, two brothers obsess over a local boy who wears a mask because his face was chewed off by a pig.