Short stories tagged with Uncertainty

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After kicking her husband out and changing the locks, a mother imagines he is still living with her, distant and uninterested in sex. Lying in bed, she conjures up old memories and imagines new ones, grappling with questions of selfhood, identity, womanhood, and motherhood. One night, her real husband returns, and she lets him back in.

A middle-aged widower dreams of asking a younger local woman to be his wife, but it has been years since his wife died and he has forgotten how to court a woman. As the woman continues to visit his cabin, he must work up the courage to tell her how he feels.

A Canadian woman recalls the self-actualization, love, and loss that a recently deceased friend brought into her life throughout their yearslong relationship.

A lonely man hears a story about a blind African-American basketball player and wonders if the story may have saved his broken relationship.

After a tense dinner party at a wealthier family's house, a young girl and her family get into a car accident that sets the girl's life on a dark and magical trajectory. Once she grows older, she sets out on a road trip with hopes to leave her haunting past behind and start anew elsewhere.

A book illustrator spends her free time being a house-sitter, imagining what her life might be like if she lived in their houses. When she goes to work for a certain publisher, the connection they find through their work deepens until the two fall in love, but she worries her satisfaction is fleeting.

A teenager spends the summer dealing with the unsettling company of two older boys. As he spends time dating girls, he becomes increasingly uncertain about what he truly wants in life.