Short stories tagged with Camping

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A mother runs away with her two daughters after killing her husband and camps at a beach that plagues her with nightmares. When she wakes she must get her daughters out quickly after they find two dead bodies.

A middle-aged man recalls a strange camping trip he took with his father many years ago.

A Girl Scouts troop of fourth-grade Black girls swears revenge on a white troop accused of calling them the n-word. They soon learn that the situation is more complicated than they believed.

A 33-year-old woman living in an apocalyptic Scotland with her husband writes in her diary about the tribulations of their lives and their pilgrimage to Russia in hope of a more stable existence.

Three boys rent a canoe in Iowa and spend the day riding down a river. As the long and strenuous journey stretches into the night, their friendship, trust, and determination are tested.

During a Boy Scout camping trip, a father and son find some bonding time. The father particularly finds solace in the intimacy he feels towards his son during the increased interaction.

After a man suffers from an accident that requires a futuristic surgery to help him grow his lost brain matter back, he goes on a trip with his two oldest friends through the Sierras. Ridge running across the mountains, he tries to recover the memories and knowledge he lost.

In the South, a volunteer fireman and his second wife cling to the intoxicating dangers of his work to stave off an unsatisfying family life.

Freshly graduated from high school, a young couple must decide how to handle an unwanted pregnancy and their crippling sense of shame.