Short stories tagged with Ethical Dilemma

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On her walk home, a white Southern girl is asked by a Black convict for a small, simple favor. After she refuses to comply out of fear, she is haunted by guilt.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

In a dystopian universe where roaming brains must purchase their bodies, a solitary female brain is forced to make a choice about her dream of the perfect human body when the unexpected happens.

Days after announcing an invention that will change the fabric of his futuristic world, an inventor goes missing and two detectives must find out where he is and what his supposedly groundbreaking invention was.

In a small American town, a young girl is taken by extraterrestrial forces and returned to Earth lacking a face. The men of the town, along with the girl's mother, must decide what to do with the faceless victim.

A group of journalists are invited to a New Zealand farm to view genetically engineered creatures designed to end world hunger. But when the creatures appear to speak and be sentient, the company scrambles to convince the journalists they were mistaken.

In a contemporary American city, a young artist’s affair with a wealthy older man who acts as her sugar daddy leaves her trapped in a pernicious cycle of shame.

In a stratified United States where drought and hurricanes have created a massive climate refugee crisis, an entrepreneurial photographer profits off of a tragedy in the name of love and money.

Entranced by the allure of real magic, a market boy is appointed court magician for a cruel regent. Only when he begins to lose the things he loves does he realize he was not ready to pay the cost.

A middle aged VP at a leading technology agency has a crisis of conscience triggered by the irreparable climate crisis and decides to quit. He is met with an unexpected reaction from his boss.