Short stories published in The Transatlantic Review

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A sixteen-year-old Catholic schoolboy and his crew plot to save up for a night at a local whorehouse. He wrestles between parching lust for the nameless female essence and soft, wavering love for his sweetheart, finally feeling the two sensations meld into one when the experience is through.

After dropping out of the Jesuit priesthood, a struggling graduate student studying theology meets a fellow Catholic graduate student. The two explore their sexual desires irrespective of what the Church has taught them.

While attempting to leave his marriage for a new woman, a man faces heartbroken backlash from his parents and five-year-old son, all of whom want him to step up and be a father.

A teenager at a boarding school in Geneva, Switzerland writes letters to his divorced parents. After he realizes only his father might be the only one to reply to him, he lies to meet his father's high expectations of his son being a smart, athletic, budget-conscious young man.

After three years of being attacked with racism and hatred, a Black man decides to put his coworker in his place.

When an elderly woman moves to Illinois to spend the rest of her days peacefully, a new friendship stirs up previously unknown passions in her bosom.

Hoping to win the faith of the girl he wants to marry, the best diver in the world prepares to dive from a platform one hundred feet above the ground, but doubt and fear creep in before he jumps.

When an anthropology professor moves with his family to a remote home on the Great Plains, a new friendship with an idealist, a landscaping disaster, and a disheartening consultation with an Indigenous man shake his beliefs about cultural relativism to the core.