Short stories tagged with Responsibility

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A woman who cares for her ill mother falls in love with a successful man from her hometown, but cannot marry him until her mother’s death.

A young boy living in America recalls his childhood in Jamaica living with his grandmother and reflects on the importance of his childhood friendships and familial relationships.

While attempting to leave his marriage for a new woman, a man faces heartbroken backlash from his parents and five-year-old son, all of whom want him to step up and be a father.

A boy and his love interest face strict parents in the face of their burning passion for each other.

In 18th century France, an executioner faces enormous job stress leading up to and throughout the French Revolution. He must choose between his beloved wife and his job, and he struggles to leave the profession that was his father's before him.

A girl frantically searches for her missing dog. She fears that the neighbor may harm her dog, so she must quickly find him.

A girl cares for her zombie father in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

A young boy eagerly waits all year for his mare to birth a colt. The barn hand promises the boy that he will make sure nothing happens to the colt, but keeping his promise comes at a tragic cost.

After a car accident, a man gains the ability to see into the past and attempts to contact a mysterious creature trapped in the cliffs near his farm.

A newly out and divorced father navigates his familial and sexual relationships while longing for some further purpose in life.