Short stories tagged with Eldercare

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In modern-day China, a man previously accused of being a pedophile sets out to meet and provide support for a man whose daughter has publicly accused him of being an adulterer.

A weathered housewife finds her only purpose in caring for her mentally ill son whom she protects from her abusive husband. When police come around investigating a murder, she fears her husband may be responsible.

A woman who cares for her ill mother falls in love with a successful man from her hometown, but cannot marry him until her mother’s death.

An old lady takes her friend to her mother’s house for a meal, but when they arrive, things aren’t exactly as she remembers.

When a new woman catches his eye, an aging barber attempts to break out of his long cycle of failed relationships and accept her for who she is.

An old man reflects on his past actions after he puts his wife with Alzheimer’s in a nursing home.

After two of his friends are murdered in New York City, a mother sends her teenage son to live with his prickly grandfather in Florida for the summer.

An aging man is taking care of his dementia-effected wife when his long-absent son—who has transformed into a silver-skinned, red-eyed creature—returns to Earth from his job as an outer space exobiologist.

Three women from a small town, each with their respective ideas about grief and loss, meet for breakfast on a train.

An elderly widower cares for his disabled brother while his sister-in-law visits the hospital. Believing his brother’s condition is a burden, the man tries to confront the situation and learns surprising truths about his family.