Short stories published in The Gettysburg Review

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True love for the wrong person can burn a house from the inside out

A young boy grows up believing that he is a detective in an imaginary city, and he quickly grows suspicious of his new neighbor. As he grows older, he ruminates on his imaginary city.

An actor dying of AIDS prepares to play the role of Richard Nixon the night after the president’s death.

A woman reflects on her stagnant life as she vacations in Paris with her husband and his mother and comes to the conclusion that she must divorce.

An unassuming attendee of Gertrude Stein’s famed Paris salon reflects on his time as a writer. Twenty years after Stein’s passing, he realizes the profound truths of her life, art, and legacy.

In a small Wyoming town a married Christian roofer who fancies himself an outlaw visits a glory hole when he's meant to be home early to get the kids ready for school the next morning. His wife finds out from a call from jail, and she shoots a bear for digging up her garden.

A reserved and recently-divorced man joins a pilgrimage to meet a mysterious and all-powerful guru, and, through a harrowing crisis, finds his skepticism replaced with a newly-opened mind.

An elderly widower cares for his disabled brother while his sister-in-law visits the hospital. Believing his brother’s condition is a burden, the man tries to confront the situation and learns surprising truths about his family.