Short stories tagged with Reflective.

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A young man reunites with his father, and they share a meal and a movie. Years later, he reflects on the memory as he struggles to reconcile his complex emotions about fatherhood.

A middle-aged Nigerian man visits his aging parents and remembers his childhood connection with the family's old houseboy. Memory reveals their friendship and betrayal.

Two men with very different roots meet through their work in an Oregon Cannery and decide to buy a fishing boat together. After their first boat capsizes, the two split up for a while, until loneliness brings them back together to try to fish again.

A teenage girl is diagnosed with a rare disease that physically compels her to move to a city and protect it as her memory and mark on the world slowly fade away. In the city, she finds a ghost of temptation from her past that she may not be strong enough to resist.

After a young woman's ninety-nine-year-old neighbor peacefully dies, the old woman's family asks her to sort through her belongings for them. To her surprise, the young woman finds treasures the short-sighted family overlooked and her luck turns for the better.

Decades after a woman's marriage fell apart, she watches her home movies and remembers everything that came to pass and her own role in events.

In a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter exists stuck in a perpetual tea time that is but one of the many sources of discontentment the reflects upon.

A woman reflects on her stagnant life as she vacations in Paris with her husband and his mother and comes to the conclusion that she must divorce.

Three girls in three different worlds, ranging from New York City to a fantasy kingdom, all grow diamonds in their bodies when they are sad, and each is exploited for this in a different way. As they grow older, this ability determines the shape and outcome of their lives.