Short stories tagged with Pain

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A woman celebrates her daughter’s sixth birthday by volunteering at the women's center. As she assists other women, she recalls her own trauma and struggles with the constant reminders of it.

A woman is employed by wealthy individuals to eat the sins of their recently deceased relatives.

Lying in the hospital, a soldier fights the pain and the memories of war while facing the decision to undergo a lobotomy.

An old woman takes a day trip through the Mexican town of La Luz. After one of her appointments is unexpectedly cancelled, she must find new ways to spend her day.

A Jewish doctor in New York loves his wife but is also a raging drunk. In response to his sustained outbursts, his wife grows distant from him. She accuses his five brothers for enabling his self-destructive behavior, leading to a reckoning about intergenerational trauma and familial pain.

A soldier stumbles to the doorstep of a friend in Paris after World War II, begging to tell the story of his lost comrade to anyone who will listen.

In a small mountain town, a man waits anxiously while his wife goes into labor. As her screams grow more desperate, he wonders if his wife--and baby--will survive the ordeal.

A mother's mistakes haunt her. When a man brutalizes her, she accepts his punches as punishment for her sins.

A dominant person and their submissive wife enjoy a kinky sex life together.

In contemporary Japan, a poor young woman finds a new approach to life in her new job: accompanying a widowed professor on trips, dressed as his dead wife.